About CyberTaur

We are a dedicated team of passionate product managers, full-stack developers, QA engineers, and marketing experts helping businesses of every size — from new startups to public companies — launch their projects using our solutions. Our team uses the best and most proven practices, and thoroughly calculated strategies, and is proficient with all the modern tools used for development, testing, and deployment.

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Our Vision

We are strongly dedicated to providing the best service on the market. Our ambition for success, however, is not limited solely on achieving the greatest possible amount of profit. Far from just chasing the profit margin, we are driven to find young professionals with a true enthusiasm for the IT industry. With developers that truly care about what they do, we are not only providing quality service for our clients, but we are also creating an environment in which the whole team can thrive and improve themselves and their craft. Finally, we also aim at improving our communities, and by extension helping the world become a better place for all of us. Integrity, healthy growth, and a client-oriented approach are the core principles of our company.

Our Leadership

Stanislav Vasiljević

Co-Founder & CEO

Aleksandar Milosavljević

Co-Founder & Business consultant

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