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CyberTaur is a full-service IT Company based in Serbia. We provide High Quality Solutions for all your digital needs.

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Creative Solutions

We provide industry-grade, production ready solutions for all your projects.

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Data Security

We ensure that all your data and applications stay up and secure 24/7.

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Team of Professionals

Our carefully selected team is working hard to provide the best quality services.

Our Services

We fully understand your business. If you need to update something, we are more than happy to help you with the services we are providing.

Digital Marketing

We provide all types of web-based services for any business application. From static websites to complex web-applications, we are ready to provide you with a wide variety of web-based services for any need. Precision is paramount when constructing reliable web-based services. That is why we provide development of these services through modern technologies and with a comprehensive approach towards the implementation of the needed solution.

Web Development

We provide our full-scale software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our approach to the development of desktop applications offers a fast, robust, and cost-effective way for our clients to achieve their goals. Through collaboration and communication, our team ensures that the client's vision becomes a quality desktop application. Special care is given to the client's business identity and branding in the process of creating the digital solution, providing full design unity.

Application Development

Our mobile app development services provide a fast and efficient way for our clients to make full use of the vast mobile market. Our teams are proficient in both Android and IOS development, offering a full range of app developing services through a modern tech stack. Development of Mobile apps includes application design, integration, and management services. We communicate with the client from the concept phase, making sure that the whole process advances to a satisfactory delivery in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

What They Say About Us

I would personally like to endorse the quality, expertise and professionalism of all the people that work at Cybertaur. I can highly recommend this company which has at all times in the development cycle of our project met, if not exceeded our expectations.

Cybertaur, a young team, led by experienced senior engineers, open to collaboration and new ideas, will easily connect modern technologies, business logic and presentation.Definitely, 5 stars.

Responsible and dedicated professionals, capable of resolving complex demands, despite tight time frame. Looking forward to collaborating further with your team!

Great customer service, clear and effective communication with their team, instant response & quick solutions for all requests we had. Well done Cybertaur!

Our Creative Atmosphere

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